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1. General information on privacy.

2. Definition of personal data and their treatment.

3. The privacy subjects of the website.

4. General information on the processing and purposes for which we process the data.

5. User rights.

6. Cookie Policy.



With this information, the company CPTRADE s.r.l., with registered office in Via Luxembourg n ° 71 - 36100 Vicenza, VAT number 03520100243 in the person of its pro tempore legal representative, as Data Controller, wishes to inform you about the processing of data personal data that you will provide by browsing this website. The REG. EU 2016/679 establishes the rules to protect and safeguard individuals with regard to the processing of their personal data and this information is drawn up in accordance with the new regulatory provisions. The Privacy Policy you are reading is exclusively referable to the website indicated in the epigraph. Our company is not liable for the methods of management and processing of personal data carried out by third party websites that can be linked through the Cookie section, or through any other referral links on the website.

According to the law, the processing of personal data is based on principles of correctness, lawfulness, transparency, protection of the user's privacy and the protection of his rights: CPTRADE s.r.l. undertakes to observe the aforementioned principles and, also for this purpose, informs you immediately that - except for those treatments for which the law requires your explicit consent - by browsing this website, uploading or providing personal data, you accept and agrees to be bound by the conditions and terms set out in this statement. The European Reg. 679/2016 provides for enhanced protection against minors under 14, so if you have not yet reached the age of fourteen, your consent to certain treatments will be legitimate only if given or authorized by the person in charge of the parental responsibility towards you.

In any case, we want to give you some information on the concept of processing personal data, on the people who manage them, on the main processing activities we carry out, as well as on your rights as a user.


By personal data we mean all information that identifies or makes a certain natural person identifiable. This is information that directly allows the identification of the subject (such as the name, surname or tax code) or only indirectly (such as the online identification number or profiling cookies if they are used). The processing of personal data, on the other hand, means any operation or set of operations, carried out with or without the aid of automated processes and applied to personal data or a set of personal data, such as collection, registration, organization, structuring, storage, adaptation or modification, extraction, consultation, use, communication by transmission, dissemination or any other form of making available, comparison or interconnection, limitation, cancellation or destruction.


The Data Controller (hereinafter also referred to as the "Data Controller") is the natural or legal person, public authority, service or other body which, individually or together with others, determines the purposes and means of the processing personal data; it also deals with safety profiles. With regard to this website, the Data Controller is the company CPTRADE s.r.l. as better identified above. For any clarification or exercise of your rights, you can contact you at the addresses already indicated in the epigraph.

The Data Processor is, however, the natural or legal person, public authority, service or other body that processes personal data on behalf of the Data Controller. Regarding the personal data you provide while browsing this website. As regards the third-party companies that, in some cases, perform services and processing on our behalf (for example, the company that provides us with the navigation space), some of these companies have proceeded to self-appoint as external manager of the processing, while others have guaranteed levels of data protection adequate to European standards, so your data will in any case be protected. As regards the person in charge of processing, that is, the person who processes the data under the control and direction of the Data Controller, the latter has not appointed any person in charge.

For any information regarding the aforementioned subjects (company name, data processed and types of processing they carry out), please contact the addresses already indicated.


4.1 General information on the treatments carried out through this site.

First of all, it should be specified that the Data Controller uses only the strictly necessary data in carrying out the treatments, which are marked with the asterisk symbol (*) in the appropriate compiling spaces on the website. The data provided will be used only and exclusively to achieve the purposes referred to in the following points (by way of example: the data provided for pre-contractual or contractual purposes will not be used for other purposes, except for the consent of the interested party or legitimate interest of the Data Controller. 'use of data for different purposes). At the place of treatment, the processing of your data is carried out at the registered office of the Data Controller or at the headquarters of the Data Processor.

The data collected through navigation will not be disseminated or transferred to international organizations.

On data communications to third parties and on the transfer of data to non-EU countries for the execution of certain services in your favor, some data may be shared with external parties: for example, the company that provides us with the hosting service or the mail marketing service may process some of your data, under a contract between the Owner and the third party, as well as could be communicated to our lawyers for protection needs.

Your personal data will not be disseminated (meaning by this the disclosure of personal data to indeterminate subjects in any form, including by making them available or consulting), except in the case in which disclosure is required, in compliance with the law, by police forces, by judicial authorities, by information and security organizations or by other public entities for purposes of defense or security of the State or for the prevention, detection or repression of crimes.

The hosting we rely on to provide you with the navigation space is located in the EU territory (precisely in Italy) so - in relation to the same service - no data is transferred to non-EU countries.

However, as regards the possible future transfer of data to third countries, the owner announces that any treatment will take place in compliance with the law or according to one of the methods permitted by current law, such as the consent of the interested party, adoption of standard clauses approved by the European Commission, the selection of subjects adhering to international programs for the free circulation of data (EU_USA).

For any doubt or information on the transfer of your data to third parties or to non-EU countries, please contact the addresses already indicated. Methods of processing and legal basis.

The treatments are mostly carried out with computerized systems (by email, telephone, use of computer programs), but in some cases also on paper (by printing documents).

The treatments are mostly carried out with computerized systems (by email, telephone, use of computer programs), but in some cases also on paper (by printing documents).

Except in cases where the processing requires your explicit consent (which the Data Controller must collect through the appropriate box to be selected), all processing will be carried out on the basis of pre-contractual or contractual measures requested by the user. On security measures in any case, the Data Controller undertakes to protect the security of all your personal data by adopting the IT and physical measures necessary for the protection of the same. In order to enhance the accountability principle, the owner undertakes to use suppliers who provide adequate guarantees of compliance with the GDPR. However, it should be pointed out that no security system guarantees this protection with absolute certainty, therefore, except in cases of liability due to the fault of the Data Controller, our company is not liable for the fait accompli by third parties who illegally access the systems without the due authorizations. On the data of minors under the age of fourteen This website does not offer services specifically aimed at children under the age of fourteen. The EU Reg. 679/2016 provides for enhanced protection against the latter. In fact, according to art. 8 the Data Controller may process the data of the minor under the age of fourteen only with the consent or authorization of the holder of parental responsibility. Our company has adopted tools to lawfully collect this consent or authorization (see the sentences at the bottom of the data collection forms, through which the user is asked to declare that he is over fourteen years old or that he has been previously authorized by the parent / guardian). However, the Data Controller, through this website, will never be able to check whether - in reality - this prior authorization has actually been issued by the parent / guardian. Therefore, first of all it is advisable to carefully monitor the work of your children or those under guardianship, then we ask you to inform us without delay in the event of receiving unwanted communications because they have not been previously authorized by the parent / guardian: we will proceed to the immediate cancellation of the minor's data fourteen years old. In any case, the Data Controller is not responsible for any collection of data from minors under the age of fourteen who have given their consent to the processing without prior authorization from the parent / guardian. Finally, if the Data Controller considers that some data involuntarily collected refer to natural persons under the age of sixteen, it will proceed without delay to the destruction of the same.

4.1 Data processing by the simple navigation on the website.

By simply browsing, no identification data will be collected. However, for the purposes of the normal operation of the website it is possible that the computer system acquires some information whose transmission is implicit in the internet communication protocols (eg log files). Furthermore, information that the user does not provide directly will be collected through the use of cookies (Cookie Policy). In any case, this is information that is not collected for the purpose of an association with identified interested parties, but which despite this, given their very nature, could still allow third parties to identify the user, through processing and associations. with other data already in their possession (for example, the law enforcement agencies to comply with specific requests by the judicial authorities could trace your IP address or other online identifier).

 4.2 Processing for the purpose of subscribing to the newsletter

By filling in the "Subscribe to the Newsletter" box located on each page at the bottom right, the user provides their personal data (name, email, message).

The inclusion of such data is not mandatory, however failure to fill in does not allow the company to provide the requested service.

The processing is aimed at sending information newsletters on CPTRADE news to the user. The legal basis of the processing consists in the release of consent by the user.

The treatment will be carried out with computerized systems and the duration of the treatment depends on the will of the user who, at any time, may revoke the consent previously issued by contacting the addresses already indicated at the beginning of this information.

4.3 Processing following the use of contact details indicated at the bottom of the website.

By contacting the phone number and e-mail address indicated on the website, the user provides their personal data (for example, name, surname, telephone number, etc.). The provision of such data is optional, but failure to provide it does not allow the Data Controller to respond to requests for information from the user. The legal basis of the processing consists in the execution of pre-contractual measures (requests for information on our business, quotes, other relating to the sphere of our work) or in the consent of the user (who will expressly declare by contacting us). These data will be processed with computer or paper systems and the duration of the processing ends with the processing of the information service by the Data Controller.


The interested party - that is the person who makes his / her personal data available to the data controller - is the owner of the following rights:

• the right of the interested party to ask the owner for access to personal data, ie to know which data the owner processes;

• the right to obtain their update;

• the right to obtain rectification, ie the right to have their data modified if they have changed;

• the right to the integration of their data or the right to integrate the data with other information provided by the interested party;

• the right to limit the processing that concerns him, ie to limit the use of data by the data controller;

• the right to object, for legitimate reasons, to their treatment;

• the right to data portability, ie the right to receive all personal data processed by the owner in a structured and readable format on an IT support;

• the right to request cancellation of their data from the owner;

• the transformation into anonymous form or the blocking of data processed in violation of the law, including those that do not need to be kept for the purposes for which the data were collected or subsequently processed;

• the right to obtain the attestation that the updating, rectification, data integration, cancellation, data blocking, transformation operations have been brought to the attention, also with regard to their content, of those to whom the data are been communicated or disseminated, except in the case in which this fulfillment proves impossible or involves the use of means manifestly disproportionate to the protected right;

• the right to revoke the previously given explicit consent at any time, without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing carried out up to that moment;

• the right to lodge a complaint with the Guarantor for the protection of personal data in the event of violations of the law.

For a more in-depth examination of the rights that compete with you, see Articles 13 - 15 - 16 - 17 - 18 - 20 - 21 of the EU Reg. 679/2016. Requests can be addressed to the Data Controller, without formalities, to the addresses in the epigraph, or alternatively, using the model provided by the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data available on the site:;


This website may also use automated tools to send the user advertising in line with their tastes and interests. Information on cookies and automated systems similar to cookies are made available to the user by clicking on the appropriate link called "Cookie Policy" (or "Cookie Policy") on the website. For completeness, the Data Controller also provides the aforementioned information below.


General information on cookies.

2. How to select or disable cookies.

3. Cookies used on the website. How to manage third party cookies.


1. General information on cookies.

Pursuant to EU Reg. 679/2016, as well as on the basis of the provisions of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data with resolution of 8.05.2014 for the identification of simplified procedures for the information and the acquisition of consent to use of cookies - published in the Official Gazette no. 126 of 3.06.2014 - and in compliance with all subsequent clarifications, and with Legislative Decree 101/2018 with this information, the Data Controller provides its own Cookie Policy.

The Cookie Policy is intended to provide the user with all information relating to art. 13 of the REG. EU 679/2016, as well as to describe in a specific and analytical manner the characteristics and purposes of the cookies installed on the website, with the possibility for the user to select / deselect individual cookies.

The processing of data through the use of cookies takes place with automated tools and the data retention period depends on the nature of the cookie used.

What are cookies cookies are small code strings that the sites visited by the user send to his terminal (usually to the browser: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.), where they are stored before being re-transmitted at each occurrence or later. access by the same user. Because they are useful, through the use of cookies, the visited website recognizes the user's device and this leads to an improvement in the browsing experience. Among the various purposes of cookies is to allow the user to effectively navigate between the pages of the website, remind him of the sites visited, memorize the language, etc.; Cookies also help ensure that the advertising content displayed online is more targeted, in relation to the specific interests of the user.

The classification of cookies. Cookies are classified into different types: in relation to duration, the cookie can be session, is automatically deleted when the browser is closed, or persistent, is active until its expiration date or its cancellation by the user; in relation to the origin, the cookie can be first-party, i.e. sent to the browser directly from the site you are visiting, or third-party, i.e. sent to the browser from other sites and not from the site you are visiting. In relation to the purposes, the cookie can be technical or profiling. This classification, for clarity and importance, deserves a more in-depth analysis.

The technical cookie allows you to improve the user's browsing experience. In fact, without the use of technical cookies some operations would be very complex or impossible to perform. These cookies - which could be first or third party, session or permanent - do not require the prior consent of the user for the purpose of their installation.

Technical cookies are "strictly necessary" when they allow you to effectively browse the website and take advantage of its essential features, such as allowing you to perform computer authentication or the storage of previous actions. By blocking the use of these cookies, the user's browsing experience could be compromised.

Technical cookies are "functionality" when they allow you to improve the browsing experience by storing the preferences expressed by the user, such as language, name, place. By blocking these cookies the browsing experience will not be compromised, however the user will not be able to take advantage of these useful services.

Technical cookies are "analytical" when they allow you to collect information on how users interact with the site, analyzing the number of pages visited, the time spent on the website, the most visited pages and any other event that emerged during navigation, as any errors coming from the visited page. These cookies allow the website owner to obtain statistical data relating to navigation and allow the services offered to the user to be improved. Analytical cookies are of a technical nature - not profiling - only when the site owner has adopted suitable tools to reduce the identifying power of the analytical cookies used, by masking significant portions of the IP address.

For the installation of technical cookies it is not necessary to collect the prior consent from the user, therefore - if the website uses only technical cookies - the data controller is not required to collect consent through the cookie banner. The extended information (the one the user is reading right now) is mandatory. Profiling cookies, on the other hand, are activated only after the user has given consent. The consent is released by clicking "OK" (or "continue", etc.) on the banner on the homepage or on another page of the same site. Profiling cookies are used to improve the services offered as well as to select and send advertising based on the preferences and tastes expressed by the user while browsing. The use of profiling cookies to send targeted advertising does not imply the display of multiple advertisements nor will the browsing experience be hindered. In fact, with the deactivation of profiling cookies, the user will see only generic advertising instead of advertisements in line with their interests. Third-party statistical - analytical cookies are profiling cookies without IP masking and without data crossing. Finally, advertising, advertising, tracking or conversion cookies are profiling

2. How to select or disable cookies.

Except for the user's prior consent in the case of installation of profiling cookies, most browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. By changing the settings of your browser, cookies can be limited or blocked. To manage cookies, refer to the instruction manual or the instructions provided by your browser by following the following paths (relating to the most common browsers):




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If the user uses multiple browsers, the procedure for deleting cookies must be carried out for each of them. If the user uses different devices (such as smartphones or tablets), to uninstall the cookies, refer to the instruction manual of their device. It should be noted that if you choose to block the receipt of cookies, this could compromise or prevent the proper functioning of the website as some cookies are strictly necessary for navigation.

3. Cookies used on the website. How to manage third party cookies. Technical and first-party profiling cookies.

This website uses "strictly necessary" and "functionality" first-party technical cookies to improve the user's browsing experience, for example through the speed acceleration service; for storing previous actions, for holding the trolley, etc. This website does not use first-party profiling cookies.

Technical and third-party profiling cookies.

This website uses third-party tools that also release profiling cookies.

These cookies are not controlled directly by the Data Controller (our company) and consequently, to deactivate them and for more information, the user must observe the procedures indicated below.

List of cookies installed on this website: 


 google analytics

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session cookies


google analytics

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google analytics

cookie duration: 6 months

Disabling third-party cookies:

To manage cookie preferences, the user can visit the website where they can obtain more information on the concept of behavioral advertising, on promotional and targeting cookies that may be stored on their terminal.

The user can proceed with the deactivation of all or only some of these cookies by clicking on the following link:


The user can disable Google Analytics by installing the opt-out add-on provided at the following address on their browser: https: //

For more information on this service or to disable the related cookies, the user can consult the Google privacy policy at the following address: http: // 

Interactive map the website uses an interactive map provided by Google Inc. which could determine the installation of profiling cookies for the detection of information and preferences relating to the service. The Data Controller uses this "emded" system exclusively to provide an additional service to the user, therefore it does not use the information collected for other purposes. However, through this system the owner of the site provides information on the user to the third party who provided the interactive map. The third party may combine the information collected with other information already in its availability as provided directly by the user or as collected based on the use that the user has made of the services offered by the third party.

For more information on this service or to disable the related cookies, the user can consult the Google privacy policy at the following address:

Blocking these profiling cookies will not compromise the browsing experience, but the user will not be able to benefit from the Google Maps service made available by the website owner. Final information for more information, also relating to the disabling of third-party cookies sent to the user's browser while browsing this website, see

Over time, third parties may change the referral addresses to their own information: in the event that the aforementioned links do not refer to the information of third parties already reported, contact the Data Controller at the addresses already indicated in the epigraph.