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    Power (HP): 0,5
    Power (KW): 0,37
    Head min. (Mt.): 1
    Head max. (Mt.): 50
    Capacity min Q. (Lt/Min.): 10
    Capacity max Q. (Lt/Min.): 250
    DNM: 32
    Pump weight (Kg): 11
    Voltage: single phase 230/240 V - 50 Hz


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    Float-switch :
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    USES: The FL serie of two-pole submersible electropumps is widely used in handcrafts and industry to dispose of clean or slightly dirty water or other liquids. They are suitable for lifting fluids from tanks or storage traps for rainwater, cellars, for drying underpasses or other uses. It is strictly prohibited to use the electropump for lifting combustible fluids. It is also prohibited to position or to remove the pump by the electric cable. Maximum temperature of the pumped fluids: - Continuous duty: 60°C; - Intermittent duty: 90°C. Minimum pumping level: 10 cm. above the pump body. Maximum fluid density: not higher than 1.100 Kg/m3. The electropumps can pump fluids containing solids with a diameter that allows them to pass the impeller (see the technical chart).

    CONSTRUCTION: The components have been accurately selected in order to achieve maximum reliability and long life even in the hardest applications. The materials of which the electropump is made are: G20 cast iron (motor cover, motor casing, pump body, impeller), stainless steel AISI 420 (motor shaft), stainless steel screws, while the gaskets are made of nitrile rubber (oil-resistant). The bearings are of high quality and need only be greased after a long period of operation. Mechanical seal made of silicon carbide/alumina. The top seal has a lip (oil seal).

    ELECTRIC MOTOR: The two-pole electric motor, single-phase or three-phase has a die-cast aluminium rotor, immersed in a dielectric anti-oxide oil bath. The power available ranges from 0,37 kW to 2,2 kW. Single-phase voltage of 230-240 V. 50 Hz and a three-phase voltage of 230/400 V. 50 Hz. The motors have been designed to give maximum rated power with a variation of +/- 5% of the rated frequency or voltage. They are completely watertight, insulation class F, degree of protection IP 68. The single-phase motors are fitted with thermostat-controlled safety microswitches to avoid undesirable damages to the motor in the event of blocking of the impeller. The temperature of the thermostat-controlled microswitches is set at 130°C. The motor is cooled by the same fluid in which the electropump is immersed. The standard equipment includes 10 metres of cable H 07 RN-F and a Schuko plug (attention: 5 mt. of cable H 07 RN-F in the model FL 50/32), while three-phase versions are supplied with free terminals. The user must provide protection for threephase electropumps. For the power from 0,9 kW to 2,2 kW, the connection for the capacitor comes executed to the outside through appropriate cassette to watertight estate.

    APPLICATIONS: Fountains, Industry


    Data sheet

    Power (HP)
    Power (kW)
    Head min (Mt.)
    Head max (Mt.)
    Capacity min Q. (Lt/Min.)
    Capacity max Q. (Lt/Min.)
    Pump weigth (Kg)
    Singlephase 230/240 V - 50 Hz

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